"Enforcing Community Parking Needs" 

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If you are a property management or owner seeking a professional parking patrol and tow service,  APE can help...

APE works effectively with property management companies to regulate parking on their premises. We protect your property by ensuring fire lanes are clear, abandoned vehicles are moved, handicap spaces are used by only those who are permitted and making sure there are enough spaces for tenants who responsibly park their vehicles. 

Efficient. Discreet. Dependable

We are dedicated to protecting the parking spaces of the community in which staff, residents, and visitors use on a daily basis.

APE provides services throughout south Florida with secure, cost-effective parking enforcement and towing services. These services range from scheduled or random inspections to full-time parking management.

Why Avenues Parking Enforcement?
Private property towing can be complicated. . APE is happy to work with you to ensure your property parking guidelines are adhered to in a respectful manner and in compliance with regulations.  
APE provides a simple monitoring solution, that will illuminate property management headaches and improve the quality of your property. We offer custom-made solutions and schedules to make sure you are satisfied with our parking enforcement.



Parking signage for your property parking management

Tailored programs specifically designed for your property

Property monitoring

24/7 services for auto-removal violations

Licensed and Insured Towing Company with Large fleet of trucks to ensure timeliness at your property

Professional, courteous tow truck drivers


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